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Stop selling the same products to the same prospects. Instead, learn why our financial professionals are finding success with Fed Market.

If you are visiting this site, you are looking for an opportunity to do more. You are either unhappy with your current agency or dissatisfied with your position in the market.

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Begin to explore what can happen when an excellent salesperson matches up with an excellent system. Chances are that the only thing preventing you from reaching a new level of success is having the right system to plug into.

Make the most of your sales career

Great salespeople are measured to a large degree on their abilities, but we feel a niche market will allow great salespeople to achieve their full potential.

There are too many commodity-type markets and too many commodity-type salespeople. This forces salespeople into situations where they are selling the same products to the same prospects as everybody else.

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We've developed a proprietary system that provides qualified leads from the Federal Government and the United States Postal Service.

There are over 3.5 million Federal employees and over 95% of them lack critical understanding of their benefit package (which includes their 401k, life insurance, health insurance, etc). This lack of understanding leaves most employees very vulnerable to critical financial mistakes and inappropriate planning.

This is what makes our system so valuable to a good agent because you are not just selling them a product. You are educating them on how to maximize their benefits and in many cases saving them money.

A specialized niche market with plentiful opportunities for growth

Our agents educate Federal Employees on how to maximize their benefits and provide financial security for their families.


The Sales Process we have developed is based on a proven sales presentation that works. It converts at approximately 60% once you've been through training and been in the field for a couple of months.

The Sales Presentation

The sales presentation consists of a script that you will memorize. Once memorized, practiced and then blended with your personality, you will get consistent results. The presentation is typically done in the home of the Federal employee and takes approximately one hour. This is also a single appointment presentation/close.

One Appointment Close

In this single appointment we are educating, presenting and offering our solutions and expecting a decision in the first appointment. Due to the nature of the education you provide to the employee and the relevance of the solution, it will not be perceived as something that needs more than one appointment.

The Approach

There is no high pressure or old school selling tactics. There is simply a consultative sales approach with a logical conclusion that is in the best interest of the client.


Our system for acquiring high-quality and plentiful leads is the best that our industry has to offer.

We strive to ensure that every area of our business model is excellent. However, if we had to award an area for the highest quality, it would be the leads. We have dealt with numerous lead generation models and find these leads to be amongst the best we have used or developed.

Who are we marketing to?

Each lead is a government employee with great income and, in some cases, substantial outside assets. Many of these government workers have group insurance that is easy to beat in the private market. Often when we offer life insurance we are not trying to convince them to buy insurance, but rather to replace their government plan with a much more cost effective plan.

A better position to make sales

Our leads are among the best (if not THE best) in the country for ratio of appointments set to sales made. When you are educating the employee on how to get the most from their benefit plan you are not a salesperson but a trusted advisor and in much better position to make a sale.

An untapped market

If you are going to invest your time in making calls, and driving to appointments you might as well be going to see someone who WANTS TO SEE YOU and who is predisposed to buy from you. Oh, and you don’t have to worry about another agent coming in behind you the next day offering the same thing like you see in final expense and Mortgage Protection.


We are not looking for average people with average skills and work ethic. We are looking for stars who are working in the wrong market and want to take advantage of the system we have developed over the last 10 years.

Qualities we require from a potential agent

  • Someone who wants to be part of a team and not on an island. Someone who wants to feel part of something special and an organization that actually helps people.
  • Someone who wants to earn multiple trips a year. Our existing agents are qualifying for two to three trips per year.
  • Someone who is looking for a home, not another contract.
  • Willingness to work more than your home state.
  • Good standing with all carriers (no debit balances).
  • Proven production in your current position. This can be done by providing proof of attending carrier conventions or production reports.
  • Reserves: You will need up to 30 days to learn and internalize the training. If you are living week to week this is probably not your opportunity.
  • Someone who is willing to be a captive agent and work our system exclusively. We do not accept or invest in part-time agents.
  • Someone who must understand this simple math: $200,000 annual premium on 60% contract makes more than a 110% contract on $60,000 premium. Some agents only look at the contract level and don’t understand the importance of the bottom line.
  • Someone who can invest in their training. This will entail attending training events with other agents.

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